Cheek Implant Surgery Bay Area

San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area

Cheek, or malar, augmentation can help fill out the mid-face and produce more prominent cheekbones. When cheeks are hollow or simply not full enough to truly compliment your other facial features, they can detract from your overall appearance. By augmenting the cheeks, San Francisco cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kahn can help produce a full, soft, and youthful look that enhances every aspect of your face.

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Ideal Contours

The contours in your cheeks have a tremendous impact on the aesthetics of your face. Cheek implants improve facial contours by adding volume and definition to areas that are flat or recessed. Because cheek implants can produce remarkable results on their own, Dr. Kahn typically suggests them as a standalone procedure. However, what’s best for your needs can be discussed in greater detail during your San Francisco facial cosmetic surgery consultation.

Cheek implants are most often placed through small incisions made inside of the mouth. This placement eliminates external scarring while still giving Dr. Kahn complete access to the treatment area. However, as with all aspects of your cosmetic treatment, this is entirely dependent on your unique needs.

About Dr. Kahn

Dr. Kahn is passionate about helping men and women achieve their cosmetic goals. Since 1978, Dr. Kahn has performed thousands of facial cosmetic surgery procedures in the Bay Area, fine tuning his skills and perfecting his techniques to help guard the safety of our patients and produce optimal results.

Cheek implants are placed at our state-of-the-art surgical facility located in San Francisco, California. This accredited cosmetic surgery facility helps us ensure your ultimate comfort and allows us to personally attend to all aspects of your procedure.

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